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About the Kangapoda eGift Card



Ready. Set. Shop. The Kangapoda eGift Card allows recipients to select their favorite items and use the prepaid amount on the card towards their purchase. The eGift Card is a perfect way to give an incredible gift while leaving the personalization up to the recipient.  eGift cards are available in denominations from $20 to $600. Once you complete your eGift Card order, it is sent to the recipient within minutes and can be used for online purchases or phone orders.

How do I check my Available Balance? The value or "Available Balance" on the eCard may be ascertained at any time at kangapoda.com/egiftcard.  Just click on Check Your Balance and follow the instructions.Also, your eGift Card’s available balance will appear in the Payment section of Checkout. 

How is the Card used to make purchases? After shopping.  When checking out.  The shopper is queried as to whether he or she has an eGift Card.  At that point, the purchaser will enter the eGift Card number and the PIN, and it will be applied in full against the total purchase price.

Refunds, Order Cancellations, or Modifications: Any refunds, order cancellations, or modifications to an order resulting in an adjustment of the amount due to Kangapoda will be applied to the original eGift Card.

Expiration: Kangapoda eGift Cards do not expire.

Other Terms: eGift Cards are redeemable for merchandise only and cannot be used to purchase another eGift card. If the balance available on your eGift Card is less than the total cost of your order, you will be asked to provide an additional eGift Card, credit card information, or payment via PayPal to make up the difference.


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