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Kangapoda Blankets

Our inaugural KangaPlush™ Blankets are absolutely luxurious!blanket-1a.jpg

Like our patented top sheet, the KangaPlush™ Blanket is a patented, comfortably delicious, ergonomic delight. For most of us, the KangaPlush™ is simply the most decadently exciting blanket we have ever owned. Since the KangaPlush™ Blanket’s construction, like with the Kangapoda Top Sheet, is in 3-parts, we are able – based on customer preferences – to create beautiful two-tone blankets where the Kangapoda canopy resembles a trendy bed scarf and adds color coordination to any bedroom.





As we are cutting and joining 3 distinct segments, we have the opportunity to mix and match our specially-designed color options to create dramatic two-tone blankets where the Kangapoda patented, ergonomic canopy is highlighted like a trendy bed scarf.  Our two-tone blankets add beauty, color, and drama to any bed and bedroom. 

Since we have to precisely cut, stitch, and join fabric segments, we required a fabric that was luscious to the hand but also densely woven so it would not be too stretchy or difficult to block and stitch. We wound up designing our own material and decided to produce it in 7 fabulous colors: French Cream, Tawny Taupe, Rich Plum, Charcoal Gray, Indigo Blue, Cappuccino Brown, and Winter White.



Shown above is a Two-Tone KangaPlush™ king-size in Indigo Blue and Charcoal Gray


Note on the right how the canopy of this Cappuccino Brown KangaPlush™ blanket lies flat when
not in use.  On the left is the turn-down of this scrumptiously over-sized blanket


3-Part Construction Allows for Luxuriously Over-Sized Blankets

The king-size KangaPlush™ Blanket has 75% more fabric than a standard king-size and 5 times the labor

(e.g., 3 measured cuts including scalloped cuts versus 1 for a standard blanket, formation and stitching of the canopy, durably joining the 3 segments, and hemming a far more sophisticated 3-part product).

An exciting, unanticipated benefit of our 3-part construction: the KangaPlush™ Blankets - particularly noticeable in the King and California King sizes - are dramatically oversized vis-à-vis standard store sizes. For example, if you purchase a standard king-size blanket, almost uniformly, the blanket dimensions are 90” x 108”. In contrast, the KangaPlush™ king-size blanket finishes at 110” x 116” and has the patented Kangapoda canopy. Presently, for those who own a king-size blanket, you have two options: (i) you can put it on your bed the long way and, after tucking it in, have good coverage length-wise—the problem is the side coverage is extremely lacking; alternatively, or (ii) you can put it on the bed horizontally and experience sufficient side coverage, but length-wise it really is too short and stubby for the bed, particularly with the very deep 16” mattresses many of us now sleep on.




As the KangaPlush™ Blanket’s construction requires the combination of 3 segments, we take the fabric off the roll, make each cut and then work with that segment sideways. When we join the segments, the end result is a far more generously proportioned blanket than a standard king-size blanket. For a King-Size blanket, the difference of more than 2 feet (26 inches) at the top is enormous.  It is the difference between a blanket that reaches the bottom of your chest and one that you can pull up to your neck.


Perhaps not quite thumbs up for feet up…But ergonomic exaltation all the same!!