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Kangapoda Promises

We promise we are not a ‘me too’ sheet purveyor. We promise Kangapoda’s patented, ergonomic canopy is far more comfortable. It works because it is a logical design, extra fabric, and extra workmanship. We created more room for the feet so that your feet are not irritated.  

We promise once you can lie under the covers with your feet at ease…you will never want to lie under a plain flat top sheet and blanket ever again. Why would you?

We know our products are not cheap.  However, we promise we didn’t start low-end.  We started absolute high-end. Our fabrics are specially-commissioned and gorgeous. Our Made in America workmanship is excellent.

We promise our ergonomic top sheet alone is more valuable than most complete sheet sets. Several well-known, high-end luxury vendors sell a plain flat top sheet alone for $1,000. Our Egyptian cotton fabric is of the same ilk, and our patented ergonomic canopy requires substantially more luxurious fabric, more cutting, and more sewing.

We promise…for what you are getting…a Kangapoda sheet set is an absolute bargain. As a small entrepreneurial company trying to make its mark, Kangapoda cannot properly charge for the luxury items we are providing. This economic advantage is passed along to you our customer.  We promise.

We promise our KangaPlush blankets are beyond.  They are larger, plusher, and more dramatic. They make your bedroom a work of art, and they work in tandem—as a system—with our gorgeous sheets.  We promise.

We understand that a Kangapoda purchase is an investment, a commitment. We promise that this investment will last you for years with proper care.  We also promise that it is a much smarter investment than in another plain flat top sheet that makes zero accommodation for the feet.

We promise Kangapoda’s products are excellent and designed with love.  
We promise to listen to your comments, suggestions, and requests so we may grow and better serve you.



Sleep Tight…Except For Your Feet!