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Kangapoda Slippers

Your feet are a crucial part of a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Don't ignore them!


Simply launder your Kangapoda Slippers each week with your PJs and underwear and then toss
them in the dryer.  They will be clean and hygienic and maintain their fluffy, whiteness for a surprisingly long time. 


We designed velour closed-toe slippers with extra padding in the insole, so they are more scrumptious to wear and walk in. We also added a light EVA sole for durability and the flexibility.  The velour is soft and comfortable.  Slippers are so much more versatile than socks. Wear your Kangapoda Slippers to clean up a mess in the kitchen when a glass or bowl falls and shatters.  Wear them to step outside to bring in the newspaper or retrieve something you forgot at the pool. The slippers are machine washable and, when regularly tossed in the washing machine, they stay white, fluffy, and hygienic for a surprisingly long time. We have them produced in 4 sizes so men and women of all sizes may wear them. 


Kangapoda's Medical Advisor, Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus, endorses our hygienic slippers.



 A Brief Moment of  GROSS to Get Us in the Proper Mood for Proactive Foot Care and Kangapoda’s Delightful Washable Velour Slippers.


Why Do Feet Stink?

Everybody's familiar with stinky feet. Most of us have a friend or relative — or maybe it's you — who can clear out a room when they kick off their shoes. Th­e source of smelly feet, like smelly armpits, is ­sweat. And people sweat buckets from their feet. Amazingly, a pair of feet have 500,000 sweat glands and can produce more than two cups (about a pint) of sweat every day. But most of the time, sweat itself isn't the problem, at least not when it comes to the kind of sweat you find on your feet. Instead, it is bacteria that is the real culprit behind foot odor. Also, whether or not you wear socks. Individuals wearing socks and shoes for long periods of time are even more prone to having stinky feet. Kangapoda slippers are washable. Toss them in with your laundry and then pop them in the dryer. They will stay fluffy and white for a surprisingly long time, and they will allow your feet to breathe while keeping them clean and protected.


Fungal Nail Infection

A fungal nail infection occurs when a fungus maliciously attacks a toenail or the nail bed itself. It may look horrendous; and it could cause permanent damage. Further, fungal nail infections will likely cause discomfort and pain when wearing shoes, walking, standing, or being under tightly tucked-in covers. For those of you who already have a painful toe, our slippers are light and gentle. Foot hygiene is very important to Kangapoda. It is why we have made sure that our slippers give your feet room to breathe, keeping them nice and fresh.


Toe Jam

Do you know what really lurks between your toes and under your big toe nail?

Toe jam is a common, non-medical term used to describe the 'gunk' that accumulates between the toes and under the nails. It is a combination of dead skin cells, sock debris, dirt, body oil residue, fungus, and bacteria. Scabies, a parasitic skin mite, often burrows between the toes and is associated with poor hygiene. Not all toe jam is the same. Believe it or not, toe jam can result in serious medical issues for some and should not be neglected. CLEAN is the operative word. Kangapoda Komfortable and Klean.



The good news is that many foot hygiene problems can be avoided with more proactive foot care. Kangapoda’s washable slippers are more hygienic than a pair of permanent slippers you do not wash or socks that frequently function as a dark and damp breeding ground.  Moreover, they protect your feet with their fluffy padding, closed toe, and EVA sole.



Kangapoda Slippers: Keeping you Komfy, Kozy, Kushioned, and Klean!



Many people have been adopting the Asian custom of not wearing shoes inside the home. They remove their outdoor shoes upon entering the home, which is a hygienic and de-stressing practice. After all:

Why track whatever might be on the bottom of your shoes into your house?
What if it is raining outside and your shoes are wet and muddy?
The home is our refuge - it makes sense to be more comfortable, hygienic, and at ease. 

Many people feel uncomfortable when asked to remove their shoes when entering someone’s home. They feel as if it is an imposition or perhaps a demand for a level of intimacy that they may not be willing to have with the individual they are visiting. Some people have ugly feet and/or ugly toes.  Some people don’t want to expose their feet even in socks or stockings.  Placing Kangapoda slippers at the entryway is a beautiful and welcome gift, and allows people to feel more comfortable taking off their shoes and relaxing.  




The Kangapoda slipper’s EVA sole allows one to grab the newspaper, run out to the pool, or clean up the kitchen if something drops and creates a mess.


Kangapoda Slipper Size Chart
  Women Men

Small (S)

Up to 7.5 Up to 6

Medium (M)

8 to 11 6.5 to 8.5

Large (L)

11.5 to 13 9 to 10.5

Extra Large (XL)

13 and Up 11.5 and Up