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Kangapoda's First Customers' Comments

Oh what a beautiful morning.  Oh what a beautiful day.  I had a wonderful night of rest thanks to my remarkable Kangapoda sheet set. Remarkable quality.  Remarkable comfort.  Both my wife and I are crazy in love with our deluxe sheet set.

Good Morning/ Afternoon to you on the East Coast,

Hal you are so sweet, We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it !!! You were so right, the sheets are fabulous, and totally make it extra comfy on my podas. The sheets and blanket work synergistically in this system. Brilliant! Thank you for sending the sheets anyway I had no idea what a difference that could make.

Hal, you have to know, my cat also loves your uber-soft blanket. I’ve never heard him purr so much and knead the softness like his mummy’s tummy. He will be in our photo to you too. Hope you don’t hate cats.

Used the new Kangapoda sheets last night.  They are absolutely delicious and elegant. Thanks!
Dear Hal,
Thank you.  I got the package shipped safe and sound last night.  We did sleep with the blanket last night, and I am washing the sheets tonight so we can sleep with the whole Kangapoda system. My first impressions are, Wow! great packaging ! , Wow ! I can’t believe how incredibly soft this blanket is, and it’s nice and light, which is perfect for desert dwellers in the summer . . . I’m looking forward to the whole system tonight.
Love Kangapoda, thank you