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Kool Kanga Facts

1. The Kangapoda Infomercial was shot in  Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The cast and crew worked a long and hard 21 hours to shoot the 28 minute long masterpiece. Also for most of the shoot, most cast and crew were in pajamas.


 How about those Kangapoda Slippers!


 2.   In this episode of Seinfeld, Kangapoda could’ve solved George and Jerry’s problem of tuck or no tuck.


 3.   Kangapoda’s Soliloquy “To Free or Not to Free” was inspired by Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. 


4.   Kangapoda’s Hamlet – Peter Andersen- is also the voice-over in the infomercial. When he is not reciting soliloquies, Peter is an opera singer. 


 5.   Apart from caring a lot about his feet, Kangapoda’s founder, Harold Mintz, is a Certified Public Accountant AND a Lawyer. 

 6.   ‘Kanga’ comes from Kangaroo, the marsupial ‘pouched’ animal, and the patented foot canopy is like a pouch for the foot.  ‘Poda’ is Latin for foot. 


7. Kangapoda sheets are manufactured right here in the United States.


 8. Not only is Kangapoda’s Medical Advisor, Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus, a successful podiatrist, but also she is married to a successful podiatrist AND is the daughter of a world renowned podiatrist.



9. The Kangapoda taglineThe Ergonomic Feet Feat for a Bedding Feet Fete is a play on words which means Kangapoda intends to innovatively provide optimum comfort for your feet in a way that will make your bedding experience a celebration.


 10. The “K” in Kangapoda functions as the headboard. The dotted line depicts the Kangapoda sheet or blanket highlighting the foot canopy at the bottom that is vaulted over the stem of the letter “d” which metaphorically represents the right angle feet of a person reclined under the top coverings. PRETTY KOOL!!!