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Dear Kangapoda Customers and New Friends:

I want to warmly and sincerely thank you. I hope you get years of pleasure and new-found freedom from your patented and ergonomically superior Kangapoda top sheets and blankets.

Once upon a time, the fitted bottom sheet revolutionized top of the bed comfort. The fitted bottom sheet was so far superior to the plain flat bottom sheet that the plain flat bottom sheet is now from a bygone era. In like manner, the Kangapoda top sheets and blankets are so far superior ergonomically to the plain old flat top sheet and blanket that I anticipate a steady migration toward this superior technology. Perhaps, it will take many years, but you adopters will appreciate your feet’s new found freedom. And, my hope is that each of you will share your experiences with your friends and family.



Think about it. The foot’s two principal functions are to be weight bearing and provide propulsion so we may stand and walk erect. This requires strength and stability. Physiologically, this explains why the foot is at a near 90-degree angle with the lower leg. But the foot’s stable structure has some drawbacks. A major one is that even in a relaxed or sleeping position the foot maintains its proclivity to stay at a right angle.

It’s almost oxymoronic that we spend so much time worrying about ergonomics (designing things for improved safety, efficiency, and comfort) yet have lived for so long with a totally unacceptable standard in the one place that should be our single most comfortable haven.  For many of us, the unnatural position of having our feet constrained against a taut sheet for a period of time acts as a pseudo binding causing annoyance—almost like claustrophobia of the feet—as we try to point our toes or turn our feet outward to escape the nutcracker effect of the tucked in sheet. For some of us, our muscle contractions from battling the covers can set off a sudden intense cramp in our calves or feet. Allow me to break the deafening silence and be the mournful optimist: there had to be a better way. Kangapoda is it!!

The Kangapoda canopy is a luxurious ergonomic leap forward. The canopy’s pragmatic starting point is two-fold: (i) the feet are simply not designed to point for any length of time (they stay at right angles) so there must be a place for them; and (ii) cosmetically, the canopy should lie flat when not in use so the bed is neat and smooth. The Kangapoda canopy effectively achieves both goals.

The patented Kangapoda top coverings are beautiful and ergonomically awesome. I promise. They are not novelty items addressing an artificial need. Further, they are elegantly constructed and far more sophisticated than the old flat top sheet and blanket. They require significantly more material, significantly more cutting, significantly more stitching—both seam work and hemming—and they are of multi-part construction. Your new Kangapoda product is a quality luxury item for the person who likes to watch TV or read under the covers and no longer wants to battle the tight covers. They also make for great caring gifts.

As a new company, Kangapoda cannot come out of the gates being all things to all people. So for those of you who would like the orange pastel California King with the purple and sea foam flowers…you’ll just have to wait. Kidding aside, there are so many fabrics, colors, and sizes that we had to play the percentages and offer a couple of lovely standards as our starting point. We will incrementally expand our product portfolio. However, please—I cannot encourage you enough—contact us with any thoughts, suggestions, critiques, product requests, as we want to meet your needs.

We spend a third of our lives in bed and probably 15 minutes to an hour each and every day under the covers watching TV, reading, or surfing the web. Many of us would spend even more time under the covers performing activities, if it wasn’t so incredibly uncomfortable. It’s time for ergonomics to move to the realm of the bed top coverings.

Kangapoda is new to the market, but its impact could be very significant. We manufacture the Kangapoda sheets and blankets in the USA. Hopefully, we can be an exciting entrepreneurial growth company and create jobs and further innovations and make lots of people far more comfortable under the covers.

Thank you for your friendship and patronage. letterimage-3.jpg

Warmest regards,


Harold P. Mintz

President and Inventor

PS. Think about it. There has never been a foot canopy built into the top sheets and blankets…ever. So, if you see someone trying to rip us off, please let us know.