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Leg cramps — painful involuntary muscle contractions that typically affect the calf, foot or both — are common during pregnancy, often striking at night during the second and third trimesters. No one really knows why pregnant women get these leg cramps. It's possible that your leg muscles get tired from carrying the extra weight. Or the cramps could be related to swelling from fluid buildup in your legs, a condition known as edema. Others posit that the expansion of the uterus may put pressure on the nerves and blood vessels in the leg.

While you can stretch, and hydrate, and eat bananas…allow Kangapoda to remind you that pressure on your feet when you want to be at ease can help bring these cramps about. This is your special time. Let Kangapoda make your time under the covers awesome. 

Nocturnal (night) leg cramps are cramps that happen during the night when you are in bed during periods of inactivity when you are off your feet. The contractions come on suddenly and painfully and occur most often in the calf muscles but also in the feet. The spasms may last from several seconds up to several minutes. There might also be muscle soreness after the cramp goes away. Nocturnal leg cramps are more common in adults over age 50, but they also occur in younger adults and children. Both men and women seem to be equally affected.

The professional night-time advice given strongly supports Kangapoda’s design:

  • If you lie on your back, make sure that your toes point upwards– placing a pillow on its side at the end of your bed, with the soles of your feet propped up against it may help keep your feet in the right position. 
  • If you lie on your front, hang your feet over the end of the bed – this will keep your feet in a relaxed position and help stop the muscles in your calves from contracting and tensing.
  • Keep your sheets and blankets loose.