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Structural Superiority

Is the Kangapoda Top Sheet’s Ergonomic Superiority Worth it? You Betcha!


Your new Kangapoda Top Sheet is a beautiful, well-designed, well-constructed, patented, luxury item. It is not cheap. But it is not a plain flat top sheet. We at Kangapoda think this is the right cost-benefit analysis:

  • The Kangapoda Ergonomic Top Sheet significantly more gorgeous fabric for the patented ergonomic canopy as well as the extra labor to cut and stitch the components.
  • Kangapoda’s Ergonomic Top Sheet is beautifully Made in America (Pompano Beach, FL)
  • The Kangapoda Ergonomic Top Sheet will last you for years with proper care. Gorgeous sheets always do. It is an investment in years of TV-watching, reading, and lying on your back under-the-covers in comfort.
  • The Kangapoda Ergonomic Top Sheet is so much more comfortable on your feet than a plain flat top sheet you will never want to use a plain flat top sheet ever again.
  • The Kangapoda Ergonomic Top Sheet profoundly improves your daily lifestyle and quality of life, even beyond your time under the covers. For example, if you have to continue to untuck the covers to have room for your feet, you have to basically make the bed from scratch the next morning. With Kangapoda, since you no longer have to untuck the covers, you can just smooth it out in the morning. According to the Sleep Foundation, people who have a neat bed get a better night’s sleep.


Point of Comparison from a Manufacturing Perspective: The Plain Flat Top Sheet


A traditional (“old-style”) top sheet for the bed is a simple, unitary, flat rectangle. To make a flat sheet, the fabric is spooled off a fabric roll from the weaver; cut at the desired length; and then hemmed on all four sides so the edges do not fray with the hem at the top of the sheet larger and more decorative. Most plain flat top sheets are ‘spit out’ by machine these days, as they are so simple to make.

 Plain Flat Top Sheet – a Simple Rectangle


Point of Comparison from a Manufacturing Perspective: Kangapoda Ergonomic Top Sheet 


The patented Kangapoda sheet’s elegance and ergonomic design are reflected in the masterful workmanship and fusion of three parts:

(i) the main body of the top sheet;

(ii) the patented Kangapoda canopy; and

(iii) the bottom flap to be tucked under the mattress.

The manufacturing process is far more sophisticated and time-consuming than for a plain flat top sheet, and significantly more material is required.

For the manufacture of a Kangapoda top sheet: 3 distinct segments must be measured and cut off of the roll (e.g., the top, the ergonomic canopy, and the flap); the canopy must be configured and this requires detailed and sturdy stitching and seam-work; the three segments must then be properly aligned and durably joined; and, of course, like a plain flat top sheet, the Kangapoda ergonomic top sheet requires the classic perimeter hems and a more decorative hem at the top. 

 Kangapoda Ergonomic Top Sheet – It’s Ergonomic Baby!


The Kangapoda King-size Ergonomic Top Sheet requires 48% more material and approximately 5 times more labor than plain flat King-size top sheet. The extra material is due primarily to the ergonomic canopy. If you want room for large feet, you need to incorporate more fabric.


The Ergonomic Canopy is designed to lie elegantly flat when not in use.



This is side view of the ergonomic canopy when not in use.






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