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The Dilemma




The Dilemma The absolute most relaxed viewing and reading position is reclined on your back with the head propped up by pillows.  However, in this position, the feet naturally rest at a near right angle forcing the toes against the plain flat top sheet.  To compensate for the irritation of a plain flat top sheet, many people un-tuck the covers each night. Many others have stopped using a hygienic (and easy-to-launder) top sheet altogether.


Why Does the Top Sheet Hurt? The human foot is strong, and it is weight-bearing. It is designed to allow us to stand erect and walk.  For these reasons, the foot tends to remain at a natural right angle even at rest. The tightness at the bottom of the bed is due to the mechanical force of a lever — like a nutcracker. Since the bed is supposed to be so comfortable, the analogy is not readily apparent. 


A Plain Flat Top Sheet Exerts a Nutcracker Effect on Your Feet

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