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We Love TV

Watching TV in Bed In Comfort is Essential


TV Programming Once was Only 7 Broadcast Stations That Ended Late Night, and the TV was in the Living Room.


Today We Have Hundreds of Channels, 24 x 7 Programming, and TVs in the Bedroom 

The role of the bed has changed.  Yet we use the same top sheet we used 400 years ago when all we would do is get into bed, turnover, and go to sleep. Today’s bed is the locus of vast amounts of audio visual entertainment and e-commerce in ways that were unimaginable. Every single night we have a programming smorgasbord of movies, sports, infomercials, re-runs, re-caps, cooking shows, reality TV, and endless other options that encourage us to lie under the covers in a viewing position. 



Lying in Bed Watching TV is an Important Part of Today's Lifestyle.


Most of us enjoy reclining under the covers watching TV when there is a chill in the air or as a prelude to calling it a night. The dilemma is that it’s just too tight under the old-style top sheet and blanket.

Once you have experienced being able to watch TV under the covers with room for your feet, you will never want to use a plain flat top sheet and blanket ever again.